Welz Eco Land

Welz Eco Land Holding LLC is engaged in the trade in timber and the purchase and development of agricultural and forestry land in the best regions of Europe. To this end, companies are established in the respective countries to manage the purchased property. They are 100% owned by the holding company and are strategically controlled from our headquarters in Carinthia. We currently have operations in Estonia, Slovakia and Germany.

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Business Areas

Welz Eco Land Holding LLC is active in the timber trade and in agriculture and forestry – with operations located in the best regions in Europe for this purpose. We supply our customers with high-quality raw materials from sustainable cultivation.

Timber Trade

We buy and sell PEFC-certified logs for the pulp, paper and sawmill industry. Our wood comes from sustainably managed forests and meets strict environmental, social and economic standards.

Forest Management

An important basis for Welz Eco Land’s timber trade is our operations in Estonia and Germany – wood from 3,500 hectares of sustainably managed, PEFC-certified forests.

Organic Farming

On 3,350 hectares of agricultural land, we grow cereals, corn, soya, triticale and alfalfa of the highest organic quality. In the best regions of Slovakia, without chemical fertilisers and chemical pesticides.


You will find our operations in the most suitable regions of Europe for agriculture and forestry.

Wertholz Eesti OÜ & WWForest Management OÜ – ESTONIA
Welz Eco Land – GERMANY
Welz Eco Land Holding GmbH – AUSTRIA
Lontov Farm s.r.o. – SLOVAKIA
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