Forest Management

Forest management can be described as the cradle of the concept of sustainability, as the term “forestry sustainability” was first used by Carl von Carlowitz in 1713. Instead of an overexploitation of the forests for short-term profit, the idea of well thought-out, regulated forest management was developed at that time, which treats nature and its raw materials with respect and care.

We at Welz Eco Land OÜ, a wholly owned subsidiary of Welz Eco Land Holding LLC, also feel committed to this basic idea of sustainable forestry. It is more important today than ever, because sustainably managed forests not only make an important contribution to climate protection, but also guarantee that the forest as a natural habitat can be preserved for future generations. Accordingly, it is only logical that all our forestry operations are PEFC-certified.


Our forestry operations are located in Estonia, Germany and Slovakia

Estonia is one of the most densely forested countries in Europe, with more than 50% of the total national territory covered by forests. The forest picture differs substantially from that of Central Europe, as the majority of the forests are mixed forests of birch, pine, spruce, aspen and alder. The soils are partly very wet and swampy, and due to the lack of management in the post-war period the formerly existing drainage network was almost completely destroyed. For this reason we are investing in the rehabilitation of the drainage network.

In Estonia, we manage about 2,000 hectares of forestland, which are unrounded farms of between 30 and 400 hectares. Our aim is to purchase neighbouring areas in order to increase the individual areas.

In Germany, our forestry operation is located in Bärenstein in the Central Ore Mountains, 45 km southeast of Dresden. The Central Ore Mountains are also known as Saxon Switzerland and with its 4 distinct seasons invites you to stay in the lovely hilly landscape. Forst-Bärenstein is a consolidated forest enterprise of 300 ha, whose good soil also promotes the growth of wood species such as beech, oak, maple, larch and Douglas fir.

Attached to our Lontov Farm we also manage a forest area of 100 ha in Slovakia.

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