Organic Farming

We acquire agricultural land in the best regions of Europe and convert it to organic, sustainable cultivation. In doing so, we combine ancient knowledge of the laws of nature with state-of-the-art technology.

The basis for the successful production of agricultural crops is always fertile soil, which can be achieved through various measures. Especially in organic farming, it is essential to deal with this issue, as we do not use any mineral fertilisers or pesticides on our farms. We focus on preventive measures by increasing the humus content, soil-conserving cultivation and a rich crop rotation. For our organic farming at Welz Eco Land, this means in concrete terms:

By cultivating alfalfa for several years, we are focusing on the best and most sustainable way of increasing soil fertility. The massive accumulation of leaf and root mass leads to an increase in the humus content of the soil. The excellent root growth down to deep soil layers (2.5 m depth) breaks up compaction and brings nutrients back to the surface. The topsoil is not worked for several years to allow soil life to develop. At the same time, the alfalfa acts against weeds and provides nitrogen for the subsequent crops through the nodule bacteria.

We also increase soil fertility by means of a rich crop rotation with deep-rooted and high-growing varieties. Only straw is used, which serves the soil life (earthworms) as food.

On clayey soils, soil-conserving cultivation with machines and equipment is a basic requirement for successful organic production. We achieve this with modern machinery with large working widths and with the help of caterpillar tractors. Due to the large contact surface of the crawler tractors, there is only little soil compaction and almost no slippage. As the time window for optimum machine use is often very short, it must also be ensured that large areas are worked in a short time. If the soil conditions are too wet, compaction horizons will inevitably occur and as a result, the yield will be reduced. If the compaction has to be broken up, a deep loosener is used.

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