Timber Trade

Welz Eco Land PLC – a 100% subsidiary of Welz Eco Land Holding LLC – has been a reliable partner for companies in the pulp, paper and sawmill industry for many years. We are particularly proud that our Italian customer from the very beginning, with whom we implemented the expansion into Eastern Europe as a strategic partner, is still one of our customers. For our customers, a continuous and smooth supply of their plants with round timber is a basic prerequisite for a trouble-free and cost-efficient production process.

With our many years of experience and market contacts in international round timber purchasing and our own forests in Estonia and Germany, we are able to ensure the supply of our customers with the required quantities of industrial timber – on time and in the desired dimensions and qualities.

Our Locations

The timber trade of Welz Eco Land is handled by our subsidiary Welz Eco Land PLC. Welz Eco Land PLC is, of course, PEFC-certified and also handles the sale of round timber from the production of the forestry companies belonging to the group. We buy round timber on the stick, on the forest road or already loaded ready for shipment. The transport is carried out by truck, by train or by ship. Our sawn timber is sold to local sawmills and energy wood to power plants and pellet manufacturers.

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